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K&N 77 Series High Performance Air Intake Systems

K&N 77 Series High Performance Air Intake Systems

The K&N 77 series air intake is specifically designed for trucks and sport utility vehicles. This K&N intake provides additional horsepower along with better acceleration while looking very pleasing under the hood. Many enthusiasts like these K&N air intakes because of their polished look which is also available in grey. They add to the overall appearance under hood for those that are concerned with aesthetics.

Upgrading to just a K&N filter is great, but the factory air intake still prevents smooth air flow. The intake tube is the number one culprit for this, which is why the K&N air intake system adds additional horsepower by making the air flow less restrictive. The inside of the K&N air intake pipe is smooth with zero welds that allow the air to flow extremely fast.

This K&N intake is not legal in California, but there are many other K&N performance air intakes that are completely legal in this state like the K&N FIPK air intake. Aftermarket intakes must pass certain emission tests in each state in order to be legal.

K&N truck intakes also increase fuel mileage by allowing the engine to run more efficient. The larger filter included with the K&N 77 series intake also extends the service life of up to 100,000 miles depending on how often the vehicle is driven.

There will be no problems installing this SUV air intake either because it is specifically designed for each vehicle in the best location possible using the factory mounting holes.