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K&N Air Filter

K&N air filter

The job of an automotive air filter is to catch and prevent any debris or harmful contaminants from entering the engine. K&N air filters prevent more contaminants from entering the engine than any other replacement filter on the market. Their specially designed media protects the engine by collecting 99% of debris and dust. The K&N replacement filter is available for both factory drop-in and aftermarket air intakes.

The K&N air filters are designed using a cotton gauze media that is layered between aluminum mesh. This allows for the best air flow and best filtration. The media is also treated with oil which creates a sticky barrier to hold contaminants. Other companies use cheap material that will tear and cannot hold debris like that of a K&N filter. Their performance filters do are completely washable and reusable as well. This saves tons of money over the years. With better air flow comes better engine efficiency. Gas mileage and horsepower will see a boost when using their cotton gauze filters.

Their replacement air filters and air intake filters come with a million mile warranty and will outlast the lifetime of the vehicle. Many parts these days are designed to fail after a certain period of time. The K&N filter will provide the best air flow and performance enhancements every time the engine is running. These filters are available for any vehicle. Universal filters can be had as well. K&N filtersare available in many shapes and styles to fit any custom application.