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K&N Air Intake

K&N automotive air intake systems

Whether you are looking for more power or some increased air flow for your engine, the K&N air intake will provide you with both while looking great under the hoot. The K&N intake comes in many different styles to fit nearly any vehicle. They also include their infamous K&N air filter to provide you with the best possible air filtration for your engine which will also boost your gas mileage. Each K&N intake is vehicle specific based on your year, make and model, but also come in universal fitments as well.

Every K&N air intake is designed to replace your current automotive air intake. This is an upgrade because of how inefficient the factory air intake works. It does not provide the engine with constant air flow due to its design and robs the engine of horsepower because of this. The engine's intake sucks in air from the outside while driving to mix with fuel. If there is not a sufficient amount of air, the engine will lack some power. The K&N intake is proven to boost horsepower through increased air flow with a better design.

Factory air intakes are not meant for performance, but rather to supply the engine with enough air to make it efficient. The K&N intake is designed to improve on the engine's power and looks much better as well. Factory intakes are located very close to the engine and suffer from heat soak, which is when hot air is sucked in through the filter. Hot air is not beneficial for the engine as it works its best off cold air and sucking in cold air can only be done when the air intake is away from the engine and its moving parts.

The K&N intake is very easy to install and can be done with 90 minutes for the average user. It is available in black and polished silver which keep the air cool while driving. The black intake pipe is especially cool because of its coating. The piping on each K&N air intake is designed to allow air to flow at a premium rate with no restrictions. Factory intakes have several bends in which the air becomes trapped and cannot flow freely. Each K&N air intake system only has one bend depending on the vehicle.

To help prevent hot air from affecting the K&N intake, they each come with a heat shield that protects the filter and blocks unwanted heat. The air intake can then work at its best while providing the coolest air for the engine and give the vehicle the best possible power. Warm air becomes trapped on the factory air box and has nowhere to escape, so it becomes sucked in through the intake.

The K&N intake is good for both daily driving and those looking for more performance. Each K&N air intake also produces a louder sound and is what some enthusiasts are after. The sound is because there is no air box or resonator that was on your factory air intake. The resonator helps with sound control and the air box is where the filter is housed. When you step on the pedal, everyone around you will hear your K&N intake.

You will not have to worry about legality issues either since each K&N intake is 50-states street legal. Anyone can install this air intake system without the chance of getting pulled over or even failing emissions. The K&N air intake is one of the best investments you will ever do to increase your horsepower as it if the first step to making your car perform better. Once you have the K&N intake, your options are endless for what is next.

There is also a million-mile warranty that comes with each K&N air intake that puts confidence in the owner when using it. Every K&N intake is made from quality materials that will not crack or break from extreme heat or extreme cold weather conditions. Their job is to simply supply the engine with cold and clean air which will make it run more efficient.