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K&N Air Intake Systems

K&N Air Intake Systems

K&N air intake systems will provide your vehicle with more air resulting in more power that you can feel. Once you step on the pedal, your vehicle will climb through the RPMs quicker than it did before you installed your air intake system. Your engine will also breathe much better with the K&N air intake system because of the unrestricted intake pipe and superior K&N air filter.

Each K&N air intake system is designed specifically for your vehicle so that when you install it there are no modifications needed. The K&N cold air intake is a little trickier to install as it sits towards the bottom of the front bumper, while the K&N short ram intake is much easier to install and sits only a few feet from the engine itself.

Just remember, all of the K&N intakes are completely street legal and will pass inspection as well. You do not have to worry about being pulled over and getting a ticket for your aftermarket intake. Other performance parts like exhausts and headers may warrant a ticket.

The price of the K&N air intake is very affordable for the amount of horsepower it offers. Other performance auto parts cost in upwards of a thousand dollars or more. You will not even come close to that price when buying a K&N air intake system.

Each K&N intake system will outlast your vehicle due to the quality that is used in each component. Their air filters have proven themselves over the years, and they transfer this success into their intake systems to offer a great product.