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K&N Airforce Pre-Cleaner

K&N Airforce Pre-Cleaner

The K&N Airforce pre-cleaner is a foam filter wrap that protects your K&N filter from large amounts of dust. Dust particles can wreak havoc on your automotive air filters and the K&N pre-cleaner is the number one filter wrap that protects it. Not only does it protect it, but it looks good as well. This pre-filter wrap has the K&N logo on it and is red or grey in color that will accent your engine bay.

The red colored pre-filter is constructed of large, open cell foam that comes oiled for better filtration and protection. The K&N pre-filter will stop 90% of dirt that could harm your K&N filter. It also does not restrict air flow by much at all and cannot be noticed. The K&N Airforce is easily cleaned with soap and water of the special K&N cleaning kit. Once it is cleaned, the wrap needs to be oiled before re-installing.

The grey colored pre-filter uses smaller foam cells and does not need to be oiled after cleaning. It can also be cleaned using soap and water or the K&N cleaning kit.

Living in high dust areas will eventually damage your engine since the K&N air filter cannot prevent 100% of all harmful contaminants. Dust particles are also extremely small and will overpower the K&N air filter. K&N filters do not need the pre-wrap if you are using it under normal conditions. It also installs in minutes and is offered in either custom made or universal wraps. The universal wrap can be cut to fit whatever filter you need it for.