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K&N Apollo Universal Closed Intake Systems

K&N Apollo Universal Closer Intake Systems

The K&N Apollo intake is designed for car enthusiasts who are looking for a custom air intake that has more versatility than the usual K&N air intake. This performance air intake incorporates the reusable and washable K&N filter along with the benefits of an open cone filter and standard air box as one assembly. It has a long extension pipe that can be routed anywhere in the engine bay to provide the most efficient air flow.

The outer shell of the K&N Apollo air intake prevents hot air from affecting the air filter, while the inside of the shell is smooth to optimize air flow. This K&N intake also comes in various color choices like red, blue and black that will look great in any engine bay.

It also completely replaces your current factory air box and you can throw it away. The K&N air intake is totally different from any other cold air intake you have seen or used. It does not use the typical aluminum piping or open air filter. The K&N air filter is concealed which also helps prevent water splashes from inhibiting its performance.

This aftermarket air intake is perfect for naturally aspirated engines with a maximum horsepower of 250 and turbo charged vehicles with a maximum horsepower of 350. You can set pipe extension right behind the front grill to get the most air for your engine. This will also be the coolest air possible while driving.