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K&N automotive oil filters

K&N automotive oil ilters

There are a few options you have when upgrading to K&N automotive oil filters. These are an upgrade to your OEM oil filters because they are designed to trap more contaminants and increase oil flow. Your choices include K&N wrench-off oil filters, K&N pro series premium oil filters, K&N cartridge oil filters, and K&N reusable oil filters. Each one is equipped with the same characteristics, but offers some differences depending on what you are looking for.

The K&N wrench-off oil filter has a specially designed nut making removal and installation much easier. This can be done on the fly and cuts the installation time in half. K&N oil filters are designed to work with any type of oil including synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils. The wrench-off filter is available for your car, truck or SUV.

K&N pro series premium oil filters are your typical canister oil filters that look and feel exactly like the original one, but provides much better flow with increased filtration. The only difference with this K&N oil filter is the cotton media, which has several layers of cotton to protect your engine. Your service intervals will also be extended since the cotton can handle much more debris without hindering performance.

Some vehicles use cartridge oil filters and K&N cartridge oil filters are the number one choice. Their high flow rates and outstanding filtration make them appealing for anyone with a car, truck or SUV. These automotive oil filters combine the same cotton media and work with all types of motor oil.

The best oil filters found are the K&N reusable oil filters. This unique design is a one-time cost and is made from billet aluminum to protect against corrosion. This will never rust and never need to be replaced. It uses stainless steel screens to filter the oil and trap debris while using magnets to create a tight seal. You will never have to throw away another engine oil filter again.