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K&N Blackhawk Air Intake Systems

K&N Blackhawk Air Intake Systems

The K&N Blackhawk intake is specifically designed for muscle cars, gas trucks and diesel trucks alike. This high performance intake is made from an aluminum intake tube that is powder coated black to give it a stealth look. Aside from looking nice, this K&N intake is also created to reduce the noise that is often heard from performance intakes. When the driver steps on the throttle, other may think there is a bigger engine under the hood with this aftermarket air intake.

Your engine will breathe better from both the KN intake and K&N drylfow air filter that comes included with the air intake system. The completely blacked out K&N Blackhawk intake will add significant amounts of horsepower to your already beefy engine. When you pop the hood, the blacked-out design immediately stands out and looks very well.

This cold air intake also comes with a heat shield in certain applications to prevent excessive hot air from being sucked in through the intake. Automotive engines can compress cooler air much better than hot air and run more efficient when they are fed the coolest air.

The K&N filter does not even need to be re-oiled after cleaning, unlike their other air filters. Once you clean it, you can put it back on and experience the benefits. The million mile warranty from K&N puts confidence in the owners while driving and they can be sure that the K&N Blackhawk intake will last longer than the vehicle itself.