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K&N Carbon Fiber Composites

K&N Carbon Fiber Composites

K&N carbon fiber composites are performance parts that are both cosmetically appealing and deliver outstanding performance. These carbon fiber parts have a unique design to them that most enthusiasts are after. Carbon fiber is a material that is hardened with resin and fiberglass to give it a shiny look while being very strong and very appealing. This look has translated to K&N making carbon fiber intakes and carbon fiber hood scoops, which also saves weight.

K&N filters have carbon fiber tops that provide strength and much less weight than their typical air filters. The tops of these filters have a shiny look to them that will never corrode and will stand out among the various parts in your engine bay. The carbon fiber can also handle higher temperatures and will never deform.

The K&N carbon fiber hood scoop is geared towards high performance vehicles that need more air flowing into their engine. The carbon fiber hood scoop is very lightweight and looks great on top of any automotive hood. It also decreases drag under high speeds. K&N performance parts are also very easy to install with simple hand tools.

The ultimate in carbon fiber accessories is the K&N carbon fiber intake. This K&N intake combines carbon fiber on the intake tube and in some cases the air box, to provide flashy looks and superior performance gains. The weight of this air intake is much less than their other intakes along with being much stronger as well.