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K&N Cleaning Kit, K&N Air Filters Cleaning Kit

K&N Cleaning Kit, K&N Air Filters Cleaning Kit

The K&N cleaning kit is designed to clean your K&N air filters and bring it back to its original and new condition. The K&N cleaning kit consists of a few different products like degreaser, air filter cleaner and air filter oil. This is the most basic kit from K&N, but they also have other cleaning products that will help aid the process of getting your K&N filter back to like-new condition.

The K&N recharge cleaning kit is needed for every K&N filter because of the cotton fabric and to preserve the warranty that is included. The recharge kit starts by cleaning your filter with the K&N cleaner. This cleaner gets rid of any contaminants that may be adhered to the cotton from so many miles of driving. It also works as a degreaser to make it shine like it used to.

Once you have sprayed on the filter cleaner, you must oil it before you can reuse it. The K&N filter oil comes in a variety of sizes from economical to large containers for mechanics who service K&N air filters on a daily basis. Once you have re-oiled the performance air filter, it is then ready to be used again and will perform like it came right out of the box.

The replacement air filter can also benefit from K&N sealing grease. This grease is to seal in the air filter when it is installed inside the air box. There may be open areas around the outside of the filter that dirt can pass through. The K&N filter grease will seal up these holes and provide maximum protection.