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K&N Cone Air Filters

K&N Cone Air Filters

K&N cone air filters are universal air filters that can fit a wide variety of applications including different air intakes. K&N cone filters have a unique cone shape that is designed to have a greater surface area which traps dirt and debris much better while still providing the best air flow for the engine. You can select your K&N air filter based on the intake pipe size for your custom project or custom air intake.

K&N cone filters are superior to other filters because of the surface area they provide. They can allow more air in than any other automotive air filter while still preventing harmful contaminants from slipping by. These universal air filters come in small sizes and large sizes to accommodate the location where it is being used. If you have a small engine bay, you can choose the small air filter and it will still provide you with quality protection and air flow.

Each K&N air intake comes with their K&N cone filter so you do not need to worry about purchasing a separate air filter. This K&N filter is matched with the correct size of the intake pipe to make a perfect fit so no air leaks will occur. The included clamps with each performance air filter also make the install very easy.

K&N air filters are completely reusable. These cone filters will acquire as much dirt as they can handle and will last up to 100,000 miles before you need to touch them. You can install this intake air filter anywhere and may never have to clean it.