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K&N Diesel Performance Air Intakes

K&N Diesel Performance Air Intakes

If you own a diesel truck, then you know what it is like towing heavy equipment and transporting large items, and sometimes you need extra power. The K&N Diesel performance air intakes are created to increase both horsepower and acceleration off the line. If you are up to it, you can race the sport compact car next to you with this performance air intake. All K&N intakes include their superior air filters as well as the million-mile warranty.

The oversized K&N filter included with the diesel air intake has a larger surface area which can trap and hold more dirt and debris than the factory filter. This also increases the service intervals and the first cleaning may not be needed until 100,000 miles depending on the driving conditions.

The black polyurethane tubes included with the K&N air intake keeps the temperature down while providing durability along with great looks. When the truck intake heats up, the air heats up as well and does not allow the engine to perform at its best. All K&N air intakes are designed to increase air flow and provide the coolest air possible. They are also very flexible and will not break under extreme conditions.

As if diesel trucks were not loud enough, the K&N intake gives the truck an enhanced sound when the throttle is punched. Gains of up to 22 additional horsepower can be had as well depending on your specific year, make and model diesel truck. Each specific K&N air intake has been tested and dyno-tuned on each truck to supply customers with these numbers.