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K&N DryCharger Air Filter Wrap

K&N DryCharger Air Filter Wrap

Protecting your K and N air filter from water is essential to keeping your engine in perfect working condition. When the air filter comes into contact with water, it will suck the water in and not be able to filter any air. The K&N DryCharger Air Filter Wrap is a slip cover that goes over your K&N air filter to protect it from water. It prevents water splashes and small amounts of mud from clogging the cotton media.

Your K&N filters will still experience the best possible air flow even with the filter wrap installed. It is made from a durable polyester material that is pre-treated to repel water and debris. Roadside puddles and flash floods are no match when the air filter wrap is used. It slips on easily over your choice of any K&N air filter and comes in a wide variety of choices. The air filter wraps also come in various colors to compliment your engine bay.

Vehicles with aftermarket cold air intakes installed would benefit the most from the K&N DryCharger Air Filter Wrap because of the location of the filter. It is very close to the bottom of the front bumper and frequently comes into contact with water and other debris. When the cotton becomes soaked with water, it will inhibit its performance and make your engine work harder, resulting in decreased gas mileage and possibly other issues.

The water repellant treatment on the outside of the filter wrap is good for 1 to 2 years depending on driving conditions. The wrap is water repellant and not water proof and would not protect your air filter while driving through high amounts of water.