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K&N Filters Maintenance

K&N automotive air ilters

Unlike your current automotive filter, K&N air filters are completely washable and reusable. Instead of throwing them out, they are able to be washed and cleaned. K&N filters have a specially designed cotton media that can withstand up to 100 washes before being affected. The media has several layers of cotton that prevent dirt and debris from flowing through while still promoting superior air flow. The K&N reusable oil filter is also like their air filter and will last forever through being properly maintained.

Servicing your K&N filter depends on how often you drive. Of course the more you drive will result in more dirt buildup on your K&N air filter, but this can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. The reusable filter can actually last up to 50,000 miles before needing to be cleaned. However, if you wait too long, the automotive air filter will become clogged and hinder your engine's performance as well as your gas mileage. You can clean it as often as you would like, too. There is no specifications for how often it can be cleaned.

Air filter cleaning should be done using the products available from K&N. They have numerous products like degreasers and specialized cleaning agents that will rid your K&N air filter of any dirt and debris that is sticking to it. Water and soap are not a good option because they will destroy the media. Once the performance air filter is cleaned, it should be oiled before installation. The K&N service kit comes with the required oil for this purpose.