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K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filters

K&N automotive air ilters

Heavy duty trucks like 18-wheelers and commercial grade trucks have bigger engines that produce a lot more power than your average automotive engines. These engines need superior filtration and a bigger air filter to handle the job. K&N Heavy duty diesel air filters do this job better than any other. These K&N air filters do not require the use of oil on the filters like other K&N filters require. They are 100% washable and reusable and come clean with a power sprayer or commercial parts washer.

The K&N HD air filters can be used over and over again and you do not have to worry about constantly buying replacement air filters. These washable air filters will last you up to 300,000 miles with routine service. They also lower air restriction while improving horsepower for your big rig. K&N truck air filters are built with durability and quality which will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

K&N diesel air filters come in two different styles, which are "S" media and "R" media, and are based on which filter is specific to your engine. The "S" media filters air from the outside inward, and the "R" media filters air from the inside outward. The hybrid media of the K&N diesel air filters is designed to flow in once direction.

They can also hold dust and debris better than your current truck air filters. When dust builds up, they can be easily cleaned and put back to proper use without buying another filter.