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K&N Hood Scoop

K&N Hood Scoop

The K&N hood scoop is a lightweight hood scoop that will add both looks and performance to your already fast vehicle. The hood scoop is designed to force more air into the engine bay while decreasing any drag while driving at high speeds. This hood scoop is easily installed and only requires some minor cutting of your hood.

Naturally aspirated engines are always looking for an advantage to get more power under the hood. They can only get so much air through the front grill and other openings. This racing hood scoop will result in faster speeds and quicker 1/4 miles times for those hardcore racers. This can be the deciding factor from having a 9 second car.

The carbon fiber hood scoop from K&N weighs next to nothing and it very strong. The carbon fiber stands out on top of your hood and will not add any unnecessary weight to the vehicle. High performance vehicles are always concerned with added weight from performance parts, but this automotive hood scoop only adds power.

When you are not driving the vehicle, you can use the K&N hood scoop plug to protect the engine bay from dust and debris from entering. This not only performs great, but it comes in carbon fiber to match the performance hood scoop. The hole you cut in the hood to use the K&N hood scoop will always be there and not all of us have a garage to keep the engine protected.