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The engine of a boat needs quality filtration and protection that will last. K&N marine filters provide both increased air flow and quality protection. Their marine flame arrestor increases performance by using channeling the incoming air. Filtration is a must when out on the water. Although there is no dust or debris, the water is filled with impurities. The K&N flame arrestor is there to prevent any contaminants from harming the engine.

Marine approved flame arrestors are the only option when going out on the water. Other products restrict air flow to provide protection for the engine. K&N filters provide both protection and increased air flow for optimum performance. Their marine filter combines the best of both worlds that no other one can match.

You'll never have to purchase another K&N marine filter again. This performance flame arrestor is 100% washable and reusable. After each season, wash it, oil it and reinstall it. The recommended service for their boat flame arrestor is every 500 engine hours. Once washed, the K&N marine filter will be restored to its original efficiency.

The arrestor is also created using stainless steel so it will never rust of corrode. Salt water can wreak havoc on some marine parts. The K&N flame arrestor will handle all types of abuse like vibrations, moisture, rust, and corrosion.

As boat owners, you all know how important and expensive the marine engine is. If you do not protect it, it will fail and a fire could start. This is the last thing you need when out on the water.