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Marine engines need quality protection while out on the water. Although there is no dirt or debris like on pavement, there is dust on the water. K&N marine filters provide the best protection for your marine engine. The best part about these boat air filters is that they are completely washable and reusable and will last you as long as your boat.

Your boat will greatly benefit from K&N marine performance parts including K&N flame arrestors, K&N universal clamp-on air filters and marine accessories. The K&N flame arrestor increase power for your boat's engine while protecting it from damage. Its durable housing is made from stainless steel which will not from the salt water. Other boat filters use aluminum that quickly rusts from harsh conditions.

K&N wetsuit filter wraps will protect your K&N boat filter even better. They are designed to protect the filter from high amounts of dust that is usually seen on the water. Dust will eat away at your expensive boat engine and is a very costly item to replace. The K&N Drycharger is an affordable wrap that easily slips over the filter itself.

K&N boat oil filters provide increased oil flow with superior filtration to supply both high performance and average engines. K&N performance gold oil filters are also very easy to remove with a welded not on the outside. Owners have the ability to change their oil filter quickly and can instantly get right back out on the water. The drilled through safety wire also protects the filter from falling out during rough seas or off shore boating.