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K&N Motorcycle Air Intakes

K&N Motorcycle Air Intakes

K&N motorcycle air intakes are designed to increase performance while looking extremely appealing. Everything on a motorcycle is seen so each part must be either polished or powder coated to add to the appearance. There are three different types of K&N air intakes which are the AirCharger intake, RK series intake and Sheet Metal series intake. Each one of these performance air intakes is designed for specific motorcycles but all include the same performance gains.

The K&N AirCharger intake is designed to increase both horsepower and torque for your motorcycle and includes a large K&N air filter to protect your engine even better. You can also experience some better gas mileage when using this K and N intake as the engine can run more efficient. Other bikers will know how serious you are about protecting your engine when they see the K&N logo on your bike.

The K&N Sheet Metal series air intake is specifically designed for your Harley Davidson motorcycle and they eliminate the restrictive factory air cleaner. They are made from aluminum which look great on any bike and include the infamous K&N air filter, which is 100% washable and reusable. Custom covers are also available that will make your bike stand out even more. This K&N intake has a built-in velocity stack which generates much more air flow than anything of its kind.

K&N's RK series air intakes and air cleaners are also specially designed for your Harley Davidson. They increase power while still utilizing the factory air cleaner cover. The dyno-tuned velocity stack makes this air intake very appealing.