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K&N Motorcycle Intake

Harley Davidson intakes

Motorcycles and ATVs used air intakes just like automobiles to provide air flow for the engine. The K&N motorcycle intake replaces the factory one and increases air flow with its design and custom location. The air cleaner on any motorcycle or ATV is seen by everyone who looks at it. Therefore, it must have a good look to it. A K&N air intake has a custom designed aluminum cover that will add to the appearance of any bike. Their performance intake will give it a boost in engine power as well.

The factory intake restricts air flow to the engine and decreases efficiency. K&N filters intake mounts directly to the throttle body through an aluminum breather system. The K&N filter is also used with the intake to provide quality protection. The K&N RK series intakes are designed specifically for Harleys. Their Harley Davidson intakes are specific for that bike and include custom aluminum covers to match the bike's theme.

Motorcycle engines do not have protection like automotive engines. They encounter all sorts of dirt and road debris. Their components must stand up to these conditions and not rust or corrode. K&N filters intake uses stainless steel to prevent any damage.

Added horsepower and torque are guaranteed when using the K&N AirCharger intake. The K&N air intake is well known for how durable they are and how long they last. The product will last longer than the bike itself and can also be transferred to the next motorcycle.