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K&N Oval Air Filters

K&N Oval Air Filters

The K&N oval air filters are universal air filters that can be custom mounted to any application including air cleaners and air intakes. These K&N filters are similar to their other performance air filters, but are available in many different sizes to fit whatever it is you are looking for. The custom sizes range from small to large with different angles that allow custom mounting locations. K&N oval filters have either a polished or black housing depending on the size you choose.

K&N oval filters can fit in locations that typical air filters and cone filters cannot. They are slimmer with a thinner design and not as bulky. This makes them more attractive than any other automotive air filters. These K&N filters are great for enthusiasts who like to build custom engines and do not have the required room to fit a traditional air filter.

There are also different mounting angles available with each of this cone air filters. In certain situations, the user needs to fit the filter at a unique angle in order for it to fit. There are so many K&N filters to choose from that you can be sure to find your fit.

As with all K&N performance filters, the cone filters come with a million mile warranty and can be washed and reused. There is no need to go out and buy another replacement air filter once this one is dirty. All you need is the K&N cleaning kit and the K&N replacement filter will work like new again.