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K&N Performance parts will take your vehicle to new levels and prove to be what you need in terms of quality and performance auto parts. K&N Performance parts are all built with very durable materials that include K&N's million mile warranty. Whether you buy K&N filters or a K&N air intake, you can be assured that they will outlast the lifetime of your vehicle while providing your engine with great protection and air flow. Their performance parts will fit your specific vehicle or boat, but also come in universal applications to fit your custom projects.

K&N air filters and K&N oil filters are quality replacement filters for your vehicle. K&N filters are designed to provide engine protection along with better performance over factory automotive filters. K&N filters use the best cotton media in their products to filter out any harmful contaminants that may damage your engine. This is done by both the air filter and oil filter. When dust and small debris enters your engine, it damages the moving parts and will cause a catastrophe. If you want the best protection for your engine, then K&N filters are your go-to product.

You may be wondering why you should upgrade to K&N performance parts for your vehicle. Well, for one, they simply outperform your factory performance parts using the latest technology and are designed to improve horsepower as well. There are no horsepower gains that your factory performance parts offer and they also need to be serviced every 10 or 15 thousand miles. Another great quality about K&N performance parts is that their air filters last forever and their oil filters outlast your current one.

K&N filters for your engine provide more air flow resulting in better gas mileage, engine efficiency and more horsepower. Your factory air filters is made from a cheap paper material that cannot withstand high amounts of dirt and debris. Once it becomes clogged, your engine will bog down and the filter will need to be replaced. K&N filters do not need to be replaced and can last up to 100,000 miles before needing to be serviced. They are 100% washable and reusable and you will save tons of money over replacing your air filter every year or two.

K&N oil filters are available for both your high performance vehicle and daily driver. The high performance K&N filters are your number one oil filter for track days and high speed racing. The oil will travel much quicker and pick up more contaminants this way. You can also opt for their billet oil filter which is completely washable and reusable. If you do high amount of driving, then you know how much money you spend and how often your vehicle is at the shop. Anyone can relieve these high costs by upgrading to the K&N reusable oil filter.

K&N filters are also very easy to install. Their oil filters include a welded on nut that makes for easy removal so you do not have to fight with it. K&N filters are affordable auto parts that use quality fittings so no oil will leak either. The rubber gaskets on the oil filter make for the tightest seal and owners can experience the best oil flow during operation.

Not only can you use these awesome auto parts for your vehicle, but your boat can also experience the benefits. K&N performance parts for your boat protect your marine engine just like they do in your car or truck. K&N flame arrestors are needed on the water to filter dust particles and protect your engine from a fire. Stranded on the water is no fun while waiting for the coast guard to come. K&N filters are an affordable upgrade that will provide your boat's engine with quality filtration as well. When it becomes dirty, these K&N filters can be washed and reused which will same you some money.

Adding an air intake to your vehicle will give you some more power under the hood while supplying your engine with more air. K&N performance parts are completely street legal even though they give your vehicle an enhanced growl. Their air intake also comes with a K&N filter to provide the best engine protection. K&N filters for your air intake bolt directly to the intake tube and will not come loose during operation. Along with additional power, your K&N air intake looks awesome under the hood and any enthusiast will recognize it.