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K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap

K&N automotive air ilters

K&N filters trap everyday dirt and dust seen under normal driving conditions. Vehicles that are prone to high dust areas need a little more protection for their air filter and the K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap does just that. K&N filters can handle normal amounts of dust and do not need any special service. But, when the automotive air filter experiences high amounts of dust, it must be cleaned and maintained more often. The air filter wrap will cut down on the service intervals while keeping it much cleaner.

The K&N PreCharger is made from a durable polyester material that offers air filter protection with little restriction, which means your engine will still run just as efficient. The openings in the air filter wrap provide smooth air flow while still preventing those miniscule dust particles from entering and damaging your engine's internals.

The filter wrap is a custom fit for each specific K&N air filter and slips on to maintain its grip. The PreCharger will not fall of and can be washed with the K&N cleaning kit as well. They are also offered in various colors so you can coordinate it with your color theme.

This product fits cone style K&N air filters, oval K&N air filters and their custom air filters as well. It also works the best when it is dry and would not be effective if it were to get wet. If you live in areas where rain is constant and roads flood, then their other filter wrap would suit you better.