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K&N Pro Series Premium Oil Filters

K&N Pro Series Premium Oil Filters

Not all oil filters perform the same, and the K&N pro series premium oil filters are no exception to this. These K&N oil filters are the benchmark for the company and are specially designed for professional installers and service providers. Your engine will thank you after you install this performance oil filter due to its high flow rate with minimal restriction. The K&N pro series oil filters are easily installed using oil filter wrench and will never leak.

You can save some money with this OEM replacement oil filter since it will last longer than your average automotive oil filter. K&N oil filters have thicker media that last longer and traps more dirt protecting your engine. The engine's various parts will be able to operate on smooth and contaminant-free oil.

Choosing the right oil will also increase engine protection and all types of oils can be used with a K&N oil filter. Your engine can only operate using certain oil so this should be checked prior to servicing. If you were to put in the wrong grade of oil, your premium oil filter would be a wasted expense.

The K&N pro series oil filters also come equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent pressure build-up and possible destruction. The valve is perfect for high speed racing condition on or off the track. The rolled threads also help prevent stripped with tightening or removing the filter. Trying to remove a stripped oil filter is no fun at all.