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K&N Short Ram Air Intake

K&N Short Ram Air Intake

The K&N short ram air intake is designed to provide your automotive engine with more air to increase power. The short ram intake is a much smaller version of the cold air intake but still provides increased horsepower for your engine and can increase gas mileage as well. K&N intakes come in a wide variety of short ram air intakes that will fit your vehicle and make the engine bay much more appealing.

The short ram intake is about half the size of a cold air intake. This style of air intake system sits much closer to the engine and has a much louder sound when the pedal is punched. It has more of a high pitch growl rather than a low, but deep growl which is consistent with the cold air intake system. K&N intakes are made specifically for your car, truck or SUV and are very easy to install. The short ram intake will not interfere with any moving parts or other parts associated with your engine bay since the team at K&N has designed each short ram intake to fit perfect on each vehicle.

You can save a little bit of money with the short ram intake as well. Being smaller and less bulky, the short ram intake uses fewer parts, but still provides your engine with increased air flow. The intake tubes differ from K&N intake, but they all serve the same purpose. The polished tubes really stand out, while the black tubes blend in with the other engine parts and almost look factory. K&N intakes are designed to reduce any heat that is transferred as well and each intake tube can withstand high temperatures without breaking.

The short ram intake may experience some heat soak, though. With this air intake system sitting so close to the engine, the hot air will affect its performance. When hot air comes into contact with the air filter and air intake system, it suffers from what is known as heat soak. The engine can then not operate as efficiently as it would with cooler air. K&N intakes come included with a heat shield that attempts to protect the filter from any hot air. It does serve its purpose, but the air intake system does suck in warm air at times. The engine will also bog when the outside temperatures are very hot.

The great thing about these K&N intakes is that they will never come into contact with puddles of water. You can take your vehicle anywhere with the short ram intake. Unlike the cold air intake, the short ram intake is only a couple of feet away from your engine and does not pose a threat.

The short ram intake is also very accessible, more so than the cold air system. If you need to access it for any reason or to clean the filter, it is within arm's reach. There would be no need to remove the bumper or any other parts in order to gain access to it. The K&N air filter pops off with a few turns of the screw driver and is ready to clean.

Since the short ram intake is so visible in the engine bay, you may want to have some carbon fiber goodies associated with it. K&N intakes that are made from carbon fiber are very pleasing to the eye and will be notice right off the bat. They are great for car shows and enthusiasts will notice the quality and craftsmanship of this short ram intake. The surface is easily shined up as well with some armor all to make it a little more flashy.

The engine will still see a boost in power from the short ram air intake, but not as much as the cold air system. The shorter intake tube does not force as much air in as you would think. However, there may not be a noticeable difference while driving. The K&N 63 Series AirCharger, K&N 77 Series, K&N 57 Series and K&N Blackhawk are all short ram air intake systems that will boost performance for your vehicle and get you on your way to the ultimate driving experience.