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K&N Universal Air Filters

K&N Universal Air Filters

Car enthusiasts all over like to build custom engines and fit them in different types of vehicles. K&N universal air filters are perfect for these kinds of situations. There is nothing worse than putting an engine in a vehicle and the air filter not fitting due to its size or angle. K&N air filters come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit anything you are looking for. These universal air filters also carry the same characteristics that every other K&N filter has.

K&N filters are available in round, cone style and oval shapes along with different diameters to mount to your custom intake manifold. The K&N precharger filter wrap and K&N drycharger filter wrap also fits on these performance air filters to make them even more invincible to the outside air.

K&N filters can also fit hot rods and classics that need a universal air filter to fit their engine. When shops rebuild an old engine, it is difficult to find original parts and universal auto parts need to be used. All custom cars built from the ground up use a wide variety of auto parts as well and would benefit from K&N air filters. These filters are also good when you are making your own automotive air intake to provide your engine with the best possible air flow. You can then match the piping with the filter size you need from K&N.

Each replacement air filter is made with durable and rubber flanges that allow for secure attachment and reduce vibrations from the engine. Other cheap filters have plastic attachments that rattle and eventually break off which will cause severe damage.