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K&N Wrench-Off Oil Filters

K&N automotive oil ilters

Whether you are racing your vehicle or simply commuting to work, the oil filter plays an important role in cooling down your engine and trapping harmful contaminants. The K&N wrench-off oil filters trap 99% of harmful contaminants and have a unique design to them. These performance oil filters have a welded-on nut that makes removal very easy and you do not have to fight it under the vehicle while trying to take it off.

K&N replacement oil filters use thicker canister walls that help with durability and prevent damage from rocks and other small types of debris. High speeds on the race track are no match for the K&N wrench-off filters due to the high flow of oil they provide. The wrench-off oil filters also include a drilled hole on the nut for a safety wire, which is required by many types of racing. The safety wire prevents blown oil filters from falling on the track and endangering other drivers.

The wrench-off oil filters will also last a bit longer than your average automotive oil filters. Their heavy duty cotton media can hold debris while still filtering the oil just as if it was clean. K&N wrench-off filters can also handle heavy duty oil like full synthetics and blended motor oils for racing vehicles and the oil pressure will remain the same while driving or high speed racing.

K&N oil filters perform just as good in the cold as they do in the heat. Temperature changes have little effect on these racing oil filters so you can expect the best performance in the snow or in the desert heat.