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When your vehicle's engine breathes properly, you can assure that it is working to its full potential and providing you with great gas mileage and efficiency. K&N filters are the only automotive filters that will provide your engine with the cleanest air and trap contaminants better than any other. K&N air filters are affordable OEM replacement filters that increase air flow while still preventing harmful contaminants. K&N oil filters increase oil flow for maximum cooling and protects your engine from dirt and debris.

Automotive engines run from an air and fuel combination. Without air, the engine would be useless and not start up. K&N air filters provide the cleanest air for your engine to make it last longer and prevent any damage. As you drive, the outside air is forced into the air intake, in which the K&N air filters reside. Before the air goes through the intake manifold and into the engine, it must be filtered. K&N air filters trap 99% of harmful contaminants, which is better than any other air filter. Even the smallest of contaminants can wreck the inside of your engine, so having proper filtration is the only way to go.

The best part about K&N filters is that they are completely washable and reusable. Your air filter should be changed in certain intervals depending on how often you drive. This can sometimes be 10 times if you have your vehicle for a long time. K&N air filters are a one-time cost that will last you the entire time you own the car and you will no longer have to purchase a new air filter every year. K&N filters can last up to 100,000 miles before being serviced, depending on your driving of course and makes them virtually maintenance free.

K&N air filters are available for a wide array of applications including motorcycles, diesel trucks, small engines, race vehicles, and boats. They also have universal air filters which can be had in different sizes and shapes to fit whatever you are looking for. K&N filters all use the same filter media, which is a combination of several layers to trap and filter. K&N air filters add some horsepower as well, as this is done by allowing the engine to run more efficient.

With an efficient engine comes increased gas mileage. K&N air filters promote gas mileage by a few more miles to the gallon and most of us are concerned with the high price of gas. Dirty air filters will greatly reduce the miles you are able to travel before needing fuel. All OEM air filters are made from a cotton material that does not promote air flow when it becomes dirty and will hurt your engine. K&N air filters keep providing the best air flow no matter how dirty they are.

K&N air filters for your automotive engine is designed to fit just like the original one and do not require any modification to be installed. They are actually more durable than the original as well due to their durable materials. They only take a few minutes to install, which requires the top of the air box to be taken off. This is only held on with a couple of bolts and can be done by anyone.

K&N air filters are also great for your aftermarket intake system. Their cone style filters come in all sizes to accommodate your air intake. The filter that comes with your intake is not up to the K&N standards and will need replacing quicker than you think. Increasing the air flow from an intake requires even better filtration and is only found when using K&N filters.

They will also not void your vehicle's warranty. K&N air filters are completely legal and do not effect emissions at all. Their goal is to protect your engine. Some performance upgrades are not street legal and do not pass emissions. K&N filters are legal in all 50 states and environmentally friendly. High altitudes, low altitudes, deserts, hot climates and cold climates do not change how K&N filters perform and will work just as well in any type of climate.