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K&N Reusable Billet Oil Filters

K&N Reusable Billet Oil Filters

Upgrading to the K&N reusable billet oil filters will cost you less overtime and make your oil changes much easier. The K&N reusable oil filter will last you the lifetime of your vehicle and will withstand road debris like rocks and pebbles due to its rigid design from billet aluminum. These automotive oil filters are available for your car, truck or SUV and are great for any type of driving.

For those of you that do your own oil changes, you know how many oil filters you go through and how often you must go to the auto store. With the K&N billet oil filter, none of this will happen again and all you will need it fresh oil. Once you remove the K&N oil filter, all that is needed is to clean the filter to get rid of any harmful contaminants. The filter is easily separated from the housing for easy cleaning.

You can still expect high flow rates with quality engine protection using this reusable oil filter. The housing is made from billet aluminum and the filter media is crafted from stainless steel to withstand all types of weather and driving conditions.

The K&N reusable oil filter also has magnets inside to help with trapping harmful contaminants like metal shavings. These shavings will destroy your engine's internals and moving parts if they are not filtered out. Using the washable oil filter also allows you to see how much dirt it has caught when you clean it. This can be beneficial and you may notice your engine may need more service than you think.