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Auto Meter Gauges

Auto Meter Gauges

Monitoring an automotive engine is what we do every day we get in and out of our vehicles. The dashboard is the monitoring system for the vehicle's engine. Everything is calculated and available for the driver includin engine speed, RPMs, temperature and fuel level. Without the proper gauges, as drivers we would have no idea how the engine is working and if it is even working properly.

Whether you're rebuilding an old classic from the ground up, or adding a forced induction kit, Auto Meter gauges offers nearly any type of gauge. Their products range from temperature and oil gauges, to full replacement dashboard gauges that measure engine speed and RPMs. Since an automotive engine is what powers the vehicle, it must be monitored. When we buy the vehicle from the dealership, the dashboard provides us with the usual things like fuel level, engine speed, outside temperature, RPMs, and oil consumption on newer vehicles. Warning lights are also associated with the vehicle's dashboard if anything were to go wrong. As drivers, we want our vehicles to last very long and operate as smooth as possible. Aftermarket automotive gauges can help with ensuring our vehicle will run at its best. Additions to the factory gauges include voltage gauges and engine temperature gauges.

Performance upgrades like forced induction can put extra strain on the vehicle's engine. Auto Meter gauges make specific gauges to monitor anything that is needed. Boost and air fuel ratio gauges are a must when adding a supercharger or turbo kit. Auto Meter boost gauge measures the amount of boost that the forced induction kit is providing. Boost is able to be tweaked by the user. Too much boost and the vehicle's engine can fail. Too little boost and the engine isn't performing at its peak. The boost gauge provides numbers that the driver can monitor for safe use of the forced induction kit. An Auto Meter air/fuel ratio is also essential when adding boost. If the air/fuel ratio is too rich, the engine could be burning oil. If the ratio is too lean, the engine might have problems running correctly. Being that a forced induction adds to the air/fuel ratio, it must be monitored.

Restoring classic hot rods are usually a hassle. Most of the gauges do not work and new ones are needed. Auto Meter gauges offers basic dashboard gauges needed for any application. Most of them are universal and can be installed to the user's liking. Auto Meter fuel gauge and Auto meter temperature gauge are great candidates for a restoration. These aftermarket gauges can be found in many different colors to match the car's interior theme as well. The lighting is also produced in different colors. Auto Meter gauges provide many options for vehicle restorations. Want to know what time it is? Add an Auto Meter time clock and put it anywhere in your car or truck. Auto Meter gauge frames will provide a finished look to the appearance of the dashboard. They are designed to house their specific gauges and can be found in many styles. Instead of trying to create your own housing, Auto Meter gauge frames will solve your headaches.

Auto Meter triple dash pod

Finding a location for new Auto meter gauges can be a challenge. A vehicle's interior is only so big and certain areas are used by other components. Auto meter gauge pods provide a great setup to install a few necessary gauges and can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. It provides a nice look for the interior as well. Keep your vehicle looking like stock with an Auto Meter gauge pod. The design is very unique and timeless. Nearly any color and design can be had including carbon fiber, polished, black, and silver. Painting the Auto Meter gauge pod is also an option. Custom colors can be mixed together and sprayed on the component for an original part. A-pillar pods are great for that racing look. Auto Meter gauges fit directly in A-pillar gauge pods. These pods are a direct color match for the vehicle's interior and look like they came from the factory.

Advantages of the Auto meter gauges are found in many ways over its competitors. All of their gauges are available in many different colors and designs. Most aftermarket gauge companies only offer one or two colors with the same color lighting on all of them. Auto Meter gauges can be had in several different lighting colors like blue and red to accent any automotive interior. Style is not sacrificed with their gauges. They also offer factory matched gauges. These Auto Meter gauges are created with the same look and same style exactly to the factory gauges. Upgrade to an aftermarket Auto Meter gauge that doesn't even look aftermarket! This is very unique in the automotive aftermarket industry. Monitoring systems from Auto meter are very sophisticated for their purpose.

A relatively easy installation and low-costing product, the Auto Meter gauges are very appealing. For the price of the aftermarket gauges, this is a no brainer. Any automotive engine must be maintained and monitored for proper performance and longevity. Automotive engines are extremely expensive to replace and sometimes the vehicle never runs the same. Installation of the Auto Meter gauges does not take long at all. A couple of wires into the engine bay gets the job done.