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Headlights, taillights, third brake lights, fog lights, and strobe lights can all be found in some way on vehicles today. Every car uses headlights and taillights to produce light when the weather or lighting isn't so great while driving. Automotive lights are different on every vehicle and can sometime produce a different output when used. These lights can be mounted nearly anywhere on a car including front, side, rear, and even the top. Colors like amber, white, blue, purple, and yellow can all be seen on vehicle lights today. Not only are automotive lights functional, but aftermarket lighting can enhance the look of a vehicle. Customization of exterior vehicle lighting is done by most car enthusiasts.

Technology has reached an entire new level in the automotive industry from only a short while ago. When headlights were first introduced in the late 1800s, they were called electric headlamps. Today, car headlights are either halogen or H.I.D which stands for high intensity discharge. The high-intensity discharge headlights are usually found on higher end vehicles since they are much more expensive than the halogen headlights. HID automotive lights provide a significantly better output. This style of headlights is also referred to as xenon lights. The first automotive halogen headlamp was produced in the mid-1900s and still lives on today. Manufacturers have taken automotive headlights a step further by using LED lights. Very expensive to produce, this type of headlamp is still being researched. Automotive headlights today can also move and turn when the car turns. This is a highly advanced technology and is found on the higher end cars. The aftermarket industry offers xenon headlights for car's with halogen headlights from the factory. These automotive lights will sometimes have better output depending on the quality of the components in the lamp. The aftermarket headlight trade offers products for both import and domestic. Better light output and an enhance style are two of the main goals for these headlights.

Daytime running lights can be found on some cars today. These automotive lights are housed in the car's headlight and are always on when the vehicle is running. This type of lighting is being used more and more giving other drivers a better view of an oncoming vehicle.

Automotive fog lights are used when the weather is fairly poor. The bulb output on a car's fog lamp is intended to show the driver the immediate area in front of them. There is not much distance output of an automotive fog lamp. The car's fog lights will show lane markings and the edge of the road. Aftermarket fog lights can be a great upgrade for someone who travels at night. Fog lights can be seen in a couple of different colors as well. Some car enthusiasts like the look of yellow lights and others like them to be clear with a white or bluish output. Fog lights are found at the bottom of the front bumper where they are closest to the ground for optimum lighting.

Roof lights are popular amongst enthusiasts who take their vehicle off road. Automotive roof lights can be added to see the trails when it's fairly dark. They can also help for someone who works at night and needs to see. Lights for the top of your vehicle can be found in many different styles depending on what the user's goal is. Some of these lights are produced using LEDs, providing a very efficient light output. Exterior automotive roof lights are manufactured by some big name companies like PIAA and KC Hilites.

The aftermarket automotive lighting industry is a very big market. Any type of light can be found. Changing the tail lights and adding additional lighting is popular among car enthusiasts. Under car strobe lighting is an option to use when going to car shows. These automotive lights are installed under the vehicle and add to the appearance. Strobe lights are also used inside headlights and taillights. Show cars tend to use strobe lights and are typically seen flashing on and off in many colors.

Adding an HID kit to the existing car's headlights is a relatively inexpensive upgrade for someone looking for more light output. These light kits are easily installed and come in many different colors. Colors like purple, blue and yellow can all be found. HID kits are used for added brightness or just for the look. An HID kit is used to replicate a xenon headlight. These kits can be found from companies all over the world since they are relatively inexpensive to make.

Automotive taillights serve as a signal to the driver behind them on where the car is going. The car can be slowing down, turning left or turning right. Aftermarket automotive taillights can enhance the look for the rear of the vehicle. These taillights come in many different styles. Altezza lights are very popular among the car enthusiast crowd. Automotive taillights of this style are a different color than factory and sometimes use a clear lens to show off the inside of the light. The inside of the taillight is sometimes seen in chrome, silver or black. Factory car taillights use a red lens.

Side marker lights on a car are very effective. Not only do they provide function for other drivers, but they gives the car an enhance appearance. These lights can be found on some cars from the factory, but can also be added to a car without them. Aftermarket side marker lights are popular of the import vehicles. Owners typically install these on the car's front fenders and wire them into the headlight's turn signal.