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KC HiLites Lights

KC HiLites Lights

Exterior automotive lighting is necessary for many different occasions. Each vehicle on the road is equipped with a set of headlights, taillights and sometimes foglights. KC HiLites exterior lighting enhances any vehicle by providing lights for different types of needs. Their automotive lights come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate anyone looking for an upgrade. KC HiLites lights can be used for off-road use and everyday street use. Automotive auxiliary lighting is popular for all types of users.

Auxiliary lighting on vehicles will provide additional light output for various occasions. Sometimes, light is needed to see in the back of a pickup truck. This area is usually dark unless the truck is sitting under a street light. The bed of any pickup truck is used for nearly anything the owner can think of. The most common use is tools. KC HiLites lighting will help find small tools and hardware. KC HiLites Pro-Sport HID lights can be mounted on top of the truck cab and aimed toward the bed. They are universal and the owner can install them where they want. There are a couple of beam patterns to choose from as well. A wide beam and a thin beam can be applied depending on what the user wants. KC HiLites Pro-Sport HID lights utilize a 35W HID bulb making for extreme light output. Using these lights at night will make it feel like daytime.

Trail riding and off-road racing must have auxiliary lights. KC Daylighter automotive lights are the most popular offered from KC HiLites. These truck lights are extremely durable and will withstand anything. They are mounted utilizing a shock to be flexible and take a beating. The KC Daylighter is available in driving, long range, fog, and flood lights. They are completely universal and can be mounted anywhere on any vehicle. The long range lights are perfect for the back trails and wooded terrain. KC Daylighter fog lights are great for piercing the dense fog after a long period of rain. All KC Daylighter auxiliary lights come with covers to protect the part when not being used. KC HiLites automotive lights can be had in either chrome or black to accent the color of the vehicle.

Location is everything when mounting auxiliary lights. KC Slimlite is a 6" round light that can be mounted where other lights cannot. Their slim profile makes them perfect for tight areas. They include a glass lens and polished reflectors to create an ultra-bright beam. To protect the glass, KC Slimlites come with a stone guard that is easily mounted on the front of the light.

KC HiLites Lights

High performance lighting is offered using KC LZR LED lights. These KC HiLites have an extremely long life span of up to 50,000 hours. This makes them very appealing. Utilizing the latest in light emitting diode technology, KC LZR LED lights outperform similar products on the market. They are resistant to the outside elements like dust and water. KC LZR LED lights can be had for specific use as well. LZR Driving lights, LZR flood lights, LZR Spot lights, and LZR long range lights all perform the same, but for different types of needs.

Ultra-light weights are the main quality for KC-POD lights. They consist of a carbon fiber housing which makes for great weight savings. The KC-POD light has a multi-surface reflector which gives great output for racing vehicles. The hard carbon fiber housing with a Lexan lens allows the KC-POD to withstand any kind of abuse. KC-POD lights are easily mounted and wired using externally mounted ballasts.

Are you upgrading your front bumper and want to add auxiliary lights? KC HiLites Rally 400 driving lights can be mounted to literally any front bumper, aftermarket or factory. KC Rally 400 lights utilize a steel housing to protect against road debris and rocks. Is space is limited, KC Rally 400 are small enough to fit in different locations. Their 4-inch diameter housing can fit in tight spaces.

Custom automotive builds need lighting options that can fit in various areas. KC Utility LED lights come in various types including brake lights, reverse lights, third brake lights, and turn signal lights. They are all available in different shapes and sizes that will allow the user for extreme customization. KC Utility LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours while producing great light output. Styling is not sacrificed for any KC HiLite. They look just as good as they perform.