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Paxton Superchargers

Paxton Superchargers

Forced induction is the route to go when looking for extreme horsepower. Paxton superchargers can take any automotive engine and make it a monster. Many different supercharger kits are offered including the Paxton Standard System, Paxton Tuner Kit and Paxton High-Output Systems. Each one is specifically designed to the users liking and has been tested to ensure optimal performance.

The ultimate system in gaining loads of horsepower and torque is by forced induction. The job of any supercharger is to force more air into the engine. When more air is forced into the engine, more fuel can be added which gives the engine more power. The additional air is called "boost". An automotive supercharger pulls its power from the engine's crankshaft. The Paxton supercharger uses a belt that is connected to the vehicle's drive gear. A typical supercharger will force up to 50 percent more air into the engine. This can create increased horsepower gains of nearly 46 percent, and torque by about 31 percent. Paxton standard systems include everything needed for installation. The forced induction kit is vehicle specific and will work on the factory engine. No performance upgrades are necessary, but they are recommended. The increased air and fuel need bigger exhaust pipes to flow. Upgrading the exhaust is a wise decision when adding a supercharger. The great thing about Paxton superchargers is they have tested and proven results from their superchargers on each vehicle. The user knows what he or she is getting and how well it will perform.

Any forced induction system will benefit from some type of cooling system. The Paxton High-Output system has everything from the Standard Kit, but also includes a charge cooler, also known as an intercooler. This cooling device is mounted in between the supercharger and the engine. The job of a supercharger intercooler is to cool the compressed air. Compressed air increases its temperature. Cooler air is more dense than warm air. When the engine sees cooler air temperatures, it can operate more efficiently. This Paxton supercharger kit will provide more horsepower over not using an intercooler. All Paxton supercharger kits are 50 states legal as well.

High performance and race vehicles need their own tuning to adjust the vehicle's output to their liking. The Paxton Tuner Kits are pretty much bare bones. These forced induction kits do not come with any fuel management items that are included in the Paxton Standard kit. The tuner kit is created for well-experience users who know what they are doing. This kit is not recommended for users who are not experienced as engine complications can happen. Custom programming will also be required on vehicles that have other performance upgrades. Aftermarket engine management is necessary because the factory engine maps do not support such upgrades. Heavy duty trucks can benefit from a Paxton supercharger. Towing heavy loads can be added stress on the trucks engine, brakes and transmission. Adding forced induction will allow for increased performance and allow other vehicle components to perform as normal.

Centrifugal superchargers are the most efficient form of forced induction. All Paxton superchargers are centrifugal. These kits are small, lightweight and mount to the top of the engine making for easy installation and maintenance. Other forced induction systems that do not perform as well are the roots supercharger and twin-screw supercharger. These systems are not as efficient.

Upgrading to a Paxton supercharger kit has many advantages. First and foremost, the user will see a boost in horsepower. The engine will nearly double its factory horsepower. Deciding if one should go with a supercharger or turbocharger is a tight battle, but the Paxton supercharger wins every time. A supercharger kit does not suffer lag like that of a turbo. The pressure is readily available. The turbo must build up pressure to deliver, which takes time. Also, all supercharger kits are so much easier to install than turbo kits. Superchargers do not have to warm up or cool down, either. Any turbocharged engine must idle for a minute or so to cool down the oil. Paxton superchargers are the way to go in so many ways.