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Suspension shocks handle daily abuse. The more bumps our vehicle goes over, the more stress the shock absorber must handle. Bilstein shocks are the leader in aftermarket shock absorbers. Their performance shocks are designed to handle both everyday driving and high performance racing. You would think that performance shocks are only designed for race vehicles, but Bilstein shocks are also found on vehicles from the factory. Vehicles have parts from many different manufacturers and Bilstein is one of them.

OEM shock absorbers are expensive to replace and do not offer any performance enhancements. Bilstein shocks have several different products to fit any owner's needs. Their performance shocks are cost-effective and improve the vehicle's handling and drivability. Bilstein B1, B2, B3, and B4 are all designed as factory replacements for different vehicles.

Shock absorber dampening can be adjusted on certain Bilstein shocks. Their line of B4 Damptronic shocks allows the user to adjust the comfort setting. They can be set for a comfortable ride or a very stiff ride. This all depends on the type of driving that is being done. These performance shocks can be great for long trips across states, or short trips to the convenient store.

Automotive parts aren't designed for longevity today. Parts on vehicles from the factory wear out quickly and need to be replaced. Bilstein shocks are the number one replacement shock absorbers. When installed, they will put less strain on other suspension components. Worn out and blown shock absorbers will make for a very bouncy and uncomfortable ride. Performance shocks will give the driver confidence when making those sharp turns.

Their B6 and B8 high performance shocks are intended for spirited driving and are race-proven as well. They are also great performance shocks for off-road capabilities. For Jeeps and lifted trucks, the automotive suspension is a key factory in what they do. Back trails and rugged terrain can destroy the factory suspension. Bilstein performance shocks can handle the added stress.

Heavy duty trucks who like to tow heavy loads will benefit from the B6 performance shocks as well. They have better qualities than OEM, but aren't an all-out sports model. They can handle the added load of a trailer or camper and will prevent any sag. Each tire will have optimum traction on the road through any turn.

The faster the vehicle moves, the more resistance the shock provides. This quality for performance shocks is known as velocity-sensitive. The shock can adjust to road conditions and prevent any unwanted movements. Brake fade, bounce, body roll, sway, brake dive, and acceleration squat are all prevented with Bilstein shocks.

Acceleration squat is when the rear of the vehicle dips and the front end raises upon acceleration. This is because of uneven weight transfer. Performance shocks will react to this movement and prevent the rear end from dipping. High performance drag race vehicles tend to suffer from this because of the increase horsepower and fast acceleration off the line. The automotive suspension plays a huge part in the car's quarter mile time.

Not all roads are equally as nice. Aside from main highways, roads are generally uneven with lots of cracks, holes and bumps. Performance shocks will aid the vehicle in conquering these roads. For anyone that lives in areas where the roads aren't the greatest will experience a rough ride. Unless you have a supercar, the factory suspension will not stand up. Bilstein shocks will turn these uncomfortable roads into comfortable ones. The driver will notice a huge different in drivability and handling.

Included in their adjustable coilover kits are their performance shocks. These are completely adjustable in both ride height and dampening. The coilover kits from Bilstein have a specifically designed shock matched with a spring. The easily adjustable setup is perfect for any situation. You can lower it for the track on the weekend and raise it back up for the commute to work.

Shock absorbers are just one of the many critical parts of the suspension. Maintaining the vehicle's suspension will prove itself in the long run. We want our vehicles to give us a quality ride with a firm grip to the road surface.