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KW Coilovers

KW Coilovers

Performance and appearance are gained when upgrading to aftermarket coilovers. The vehicle's suspension is able to be fine-tuned by the user to his or her liking. KW coilovers offer over 5 different types of suspension kits to accommodate anyone. Their systems are built using high quality springs matched with a durable shock to provide increased handling and drivability. The appearance factor plays a huge role in why some people upgrade to coilovers as well.

The job of any automotive lowering spring is to provide better handling and enhance appearance. Coil springs do not perform as well as coilovers. KW coilover kits support car enthusiasts all over the world. From the height to the damping of the shock absorber, they are 100% adjustable. A coil spring and a shock absorber make up the kit of adjustable coilovers. KW has designed each suspension kit for specific driving types. Each coil spring and shock absorber has been tested with each other to perform at its best.

For everyday driving and increased handling, KW Variant 1 coilovers are the best option. These are an entry level kit that will allow the user for height adjustment. KW Variant 1 have pre-set damping rates so the user will not be able to adjust the shock absorber. The shock absorber has been set to the best setting to offer sporty driving, comfort and safety. KW Variant 1 is designed from stainless steel which will provide durability and protect against any road debris. Performance enthusiasts looking for more adjustability will find it in the KW Variant 2. The KW Variant 2 coilover kit is fully height adjustable and damping adjustable as well. The shock absorber can be tuned to the users liking from soft to firm. Handling and comfort are both adjustable when using the KW Variant 2 suspension kit. The shock absorber has a knob placed at the top for easy and on-the-go adjustments. High performance street driving needs an even stronger and more capable coilover kit. The KW Variant 3 is the top of the line for high performance street driving. This suspension kit can be fine-tuned even more than the Variant 2. It uses 14-way damping adjustability for any type of driving. Rebound damping is controlled though the KW Variant 3. This type of damping controls the vehicle's vibrations, as well as handling and comfort. KW Variant 3 coilovers handles the vehicle at both low speed and high speed. Unique to KW is their inox-line technology which is relevant for each of their coilover kits. Inox-line stainless steel technology is created for maximum durability and high-load tolerance.

Versatility is what some car enthusiasts are after. Some like to track their vehicle on the weekends and drive it to work during the week. KW Clubsport coilovers are designed for this type of driving. The performance suspension kit is built for adjustments for both track use and street driving. KW Clubsport coilovers are fully height adjustable and damping adjustable as well. The ride can be firm on the weekends at the track and soft during the week for commuting to work. KW Clubsport utilizes a 3-way adjustment system allowing for height, compression and rebound tuning. Three-way coilovers are the most advanced suspension systems on the market.

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Sport suspensions can be rough and bouncy. KW street sport coilover kits offer a sport look with a comfortable ride. This kit is fully adjustable, but provides the driver with extreme comfort. The KW street coilovers do not lack performance. They make for better handling while decreasing body roll. KW street coilovers are great for long drives that will suite both the driver and its passengers.

Competition racing car need extreme suspension tuning. KW competition coilovers are for high performance race cars. They are offered in a 2-way and 3-way system. KW competition coilover kits are tuned to the users driving. The company will adjust the shock absorber and spring rate to the type of racing that is being done. All KW coilover systems are built for durability to withstand the most extreme conditions.