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Automotive Suspension Bushings

Automotive Suspension Bushings

Rubber bushings on vehicles these days can wear out excessively quick. A typical sign of the suspension bushing going is sloppy ride. You may also hear some noise when going over bumps or making turns. Automotive suspension bushings are used in the vehicle's suspension, wheel components, and steering. The main purpose of the bushing is to act as a joint between different parts to prevent sound and vibrations. Don't be fooled by mechanics who tell you that entire front suspension needs to be replaced when a new set of suspension bushings can be applied to solve the problem. Think of suspension bushings as the cartilage of your car. When the cartilage in your joints starts to wear, the bones will rub together and give off some major pain. This is exactly what happens with your car's suspension bushings.

When upgrading the vehicle's suspension bushings, there are two options: rubber and polyurethane. Rubber bushings typically come on all vehicles from the factory. The one positive about rubber bushings is that they will never squeak. Squeaking can come from worn out springs or struts, or even a part that has become loose over time. Both bushings allow the suspension to flex. Rubber bushings are much softer than polyurethane bushings as it allows for easier turns and a smoother ride.

Polyurethane bushings are what car enthusiasts are after. Polyurethane is much stronger than rubber giving the car a tighter feel and more attached to the road. It also increases the control for the driver. A setback to poly bushings is the option of feeling more of the road and also a noisier ride. If you are interested in a softer, less noisy ride, go with rubber bushings. But, these rubber bushings will wear much faster than poly bushings. If you want that feel of being attached to the road with the stiffness of the suspension, then poly bushings are your answer.

When sorting out your suspension options, automotive suspension bushings are going to be the backbone of your setup. Just imagine putting a brand new set of KSport coilovers on your 2002 Acura Integra. Chances are, the bushings on the control arms, sub frame, and sway bars are starting to deteriorate. It would be a wise decision to upgrade to either new rubber bushings or poly bushings. Swapping out your stock suspension for coilovers means your front and rear suspension will need to be overhauled. This would be a perfect time to put in those new bushings and have a nearly-new suspension. Avoid the stock rubber bushing from wearing too much. This will cause your car's suspension components to start rubbing against each other and can cause more damage.

The cost of new bushings is minor compared to what it offers. A complete master bushing set can run you a couple hundred dollars depending on your application. Polyurethane suspension bushings tend to come on aftermarket suspension parts as well. When buying an aftermarket front or rear sway bar, they usually include, or give you the option, of a new set of polyurethane bushings to replace the stock rubber bushings.

Automotive bushings are also found in the motor mounts. These suspension bushings help with flex of the motor when shifting. Upgrading the motor mounts is a good option if adding some more horsepower. Overtime it will put a strain on the stock motor mounts and the bushings will wear out quicker. An engine that has the ability to flex more than it should can cause problems. If the rubber bushing in one of the car's motor mounts fails, the engine will have more flex. The driver will then start to feel more vibration when accelerating from the engine banging into other parts near the car's engine.

For the avid car enthusiast, an upgrade to poly bushings is the route to go. These automotive suspension bushings will last longer over time and give the driver a more tightened up feel. It's a must for anyone who likes to track their as well. Putting such a strain on the suspension will wear out those rubber bushings extremely fast. Take a good look at Energy Suspension for polyurethane bushings, and Innovative Mounts for quality motor mounts. These manufacturers are the leader in their industry and can be found on some of the top vehicles in racing today.