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Many drivers are under the impression auto floor mats are only available for the front seats, but the truth is backseat floor liners are every bit as important.

Backseat floor liners can be a crucial accessory for the back or bench seats in a vehicle, especially for car owners who travel with children, dogs, or play sports. Of course, backseat floor liners also defend against water, mud, and spills, which is what most car owners want. Factory floor mats can do this, too, but Husky backseat liners do it differently.

What makes Husky backseat liners different is that they do not fit the same way standard carpet mats do. Unlike regular-sized seat floor mats which only cover the back of the front two seats, Husky backseat liners take up most of the floor. They stretch across the entire floor of the rear passenger seat space including the center hump. Back seat mats are also fitted to the corners of the floor to the front seats' pedestals and to both doorsills. This comes in handy when transporting children to and from school, which is when most spills in the back seat occur.

Backseat floor mats can also be used in trucks. Truck bench liners work well because the liner seals up a significant portion of the carpet. A lot of times, the back of a cab (or extended cab) is where truck owners store items such as tools, camping gear, and fishing equipment. In an extended cab, passenger seating is available. This makes shoring up the floor in the rear of a truck as practical as doing so in a car. Rear floor liners fit in a truck just the same way as a car, also. There is not usually a center hump piece to the liner, but the width is often similar.

Husky offers rear floor mats for many vehicles, but the style of fit varies depending on the style of liner and the car itself. Heavy duty mats are a universal fit because they are mats, not liners. Husky Classic Style and X-ACT Contour liners are manufactured for specific vehicle lay-outs, so the fit has to be perfect. If you regularly have activity in the backseat of your vehicle, rear liners are a useful addition that you will benefit from.

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