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Goodridge Brake Line

Goodridge Brake line

Proper fluid transfer for automotive components is essential to the performance of the vehicle. Things like gasoline and brake fluid must travel in such a precise way to provide the vehicle with what it needs. Goodridge brake lines are designed using quality materials to enhance flow and increase braking power. Brake fluid and brake lines are essential for every vehicle on the road today. Proper maintenance needs to be done as well.

Nearly every vehicle on that comes from the factory has rubber brake lines. They are cheap and easily replaced, which makes them a perfect part for car companies. However, rubber brake lines become corroded and can crack from daily driving. Goodridge G-stop brake lines are made from extremely durable stainless steel. Braided stainless steel brake lines attribute to so many improvements for the vehicle's braking system. Rubber brake lines are easily worn and can be damaged by everyday road debris. All Goodridge brake hoses are designed to handle road debris and corrosion they may encounter. Stainless steel lines use Teflon on the inside to allow the brake fluid to flow without restrictions. Teflon will also prevent any cracking from pressure. More direct fluid pressure is seen because Teflon does not expand. Factory brake lines expand and can decrease braking power. Upgrading to Goodridge brake hoses makes for quicker stopping. Brake fluid is built up much faster in steel lines than rubber lines. The vehicle's brakes will appreciate such an upgrade.

For high performance, Goodridge stainless steel brake lines are extremely important. High speeds and constant braking need a brake line they can rely on. Since stainless steel lines do not flex, brake fluid is delivered at the same constant rate. Unlike factory rubber brake lines, high performance braided lines reduce the stopping distance needed. Less pedal travel to activate the car's brakes is a quality of stainless steel brake lines.

Increased horsepower from performance parts pushes the vehicle to its limits. Factory brakes & brake lines are not well suited for added performance. Stainless steel brake hoses will provide the driver with confidence when braking at high speeds. Bigger brakes and and rotors need more clamping force to slow them down. Upgraded brake lines will deliver the needed fluid to the caliper in order to clamp the rotor. Goodridge G-stop brake hoses are available for every vehicle found on the road today. The company has made it easy by providing brake line kits specific to each vehicle. This includes every coupler and fitting needed for the install. Installing brake lines are a breeze, but Goodridge has made it even easier for the user. Couplers and fittings are available in many different colors to accent the vehicle. Just like their brake hoses, all fittings are anti-corrosive and forged for premium quality.

Goodridge Brake Lines

Rubber brake lines may be appealing when looking for a replacement for their low cost. This will only cause problems in the future because the rubber will crack and fluid will be lost. Cold climates put extreme wear on the rubber. Overtime, the rubber brake lines become weak and cannot perform the way they should. Goodridge G-stop stainless lines reduce ABS pedal chatter and provide longevity.

Cost-effective is the first thing that comes to mind when considering Goodridge brake lines. Rubber brake lines can fail at any given time. There is no guarantee or assumption on how long they last. Car brake lines might need to be replaced a half dozen times. By upgrade to stainless steel brake lines, the owner can use them with confidence knowing they will likely outlast the vehicle.

Appearance is also gained when using braided stainless steel brake lines. They have a great polished look and will make the car stand out. All high performance vehicles use stainless steel lines. These are especially good for car shows. Paired with aftermarket wheels, these brake lines are flashy. Goodridge brake hoses also produce some of their products with a black coating. Users have two options to match the look with their vehicle.