automotibe brake pads and rotors

EBC Performance Brake Pads

EBC performance Brake pads

Automotive brake pads are an essential part of the vehicle's breaking system. They must be maintained properly to ensure that no major problems will occur at high speeds. EBC brake pads offer a wide range of products that will accommodate anyone's vehicle. They have performance brake pads for those with fast rides and replacement brake pads for those just looking to enhance the stopping power. EBC brake pads are superior to any factory product due to their design and construction.

With all the stopping we do in our vehicles, a working set of brake pads is crucial. They allow us to stop our vehicle short if necessary without causing any complications. Vehicles like SUVs and trucks are very heavy and take a lot of power to be stopped. These types of vehicle especially need to keep their brake pads in check. Replacing your brake pads depends on the amount of driving you do and how much stop and go driving you do. Extreme stress is put on the brake pads when harder stops are made. Keeping the speed limit and not following too close behind the car in front of you will increase the life of your brake pads.

The products they offer include EBC greenstuff, EBC yellowstuff, EBC redstuff, EBC orangestuff, EBC bluestuff, EBC ultimax, and EBC extra duty brake pads. Each one of these has their own characteristics and applications that provide superior braking power and enhanced life. EBC brake pads are known for how well their products perform under both extreme and daily driving conditions. Some people would like brake pads that have no dust while other want ones that can handle high heat at the race track. Performance brake pads designed for the race track are designed to handle extreme temperatures. Increased braking heats up the rotors and regular brake pads will die fast.

To properly maintain your brake pads, you must first know how they work. When you depress your brake pedal, fluid is released and creates friction. The brake caliper is what clamps on to the rotor. The rotor is connected to the drive axles and is this is how the vehicle is slowed down. Checking brake pads can be done with a set of good eyes while the wheels are still on the car. Specially designed wear bars on EBC brake pads will tell the owner they need replacing.

Brakes lines deliver the fluid to the EBC brake pads which must be maintained as well. Cracked and corroded brake lines do not deliver the fluid in a consistent manner and can make for a mushy pedal. A mushy pedal is when the pedal is depressed nearly to the floor and it is barely slowing down the car or truck. EBC brake pads require the proper amount of fluid in order to fully maximize its potential.

EBC Brake pads comparison chart

Stock brake pads are inferior to EBC brake pads due to their design. Factory pads or mass produced and not designed to specifics. Each manufacturer uses the same pad on each vehicle that does not last long at all. The materials are cheap and the pads can wear out in a few thousand miles. You will notice a huge increase in stopping power when changing over to EBC pads.

Affordable auto parts are a major attraction for many vehicle owners. None of us want to spend unnecessary money for products that can be had at a lower price with better qualities. The products from EBC are priced accordingly to the market and are not as expensive as car manufacturers. Brake parts from automotive manufacturers are very expensive.

When upgrading, choosing EBC is the only way to go. You do not want to put factory parts back on your vehicle after they didn't last long at all. They are a good investment and you will not want any other products on your vehicle. Installation is very simple as well. Anyone with slight mechanical skills can do the job. The only thing that needs to come off is all four wheels. Changing seasons also put extra wear on various brake components. Maintenance intervals should be done a couple of times per year.