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There are many different types of brakes pads from EBC brakes. The EBC brake pads comparison chart offers characteristics, fitment and use for each of their specific brake pads. EBC brake pads are available for all types of uses like high performance street driving and race use. The EBC brake pads comparison chart is your number one source for selecting the proper brake pads for your car, truck or SUV. EBC greenstuff brake pads and EBC Ultimax brake pads are their best sellers, as they also continue to provide more products for different applications.

This user friendly comparison chart makes your life much easier. All your questions can be answered after you've fully looked over the chart. All EBC brake pads are superior to your original pads and are selected based on your specific year, make and model.

ebc brakes comperison chart Brake Pad Use Brake Pad Fitment Brake Pad Material Brake Pad Noise Level Brake Pad Life Brake Pad Bed-In Period Brake Pad Dust Level
Ultimax Brake Pads Daily driving OEM Replacement Semi-metallic Low Long 1000 miles Low
Greenstuff Brake Pads Daily driving, spirited street driving Cars, trucks and SUVs Organic Low Good 1000 miles Medium
Bluestuff Brake Pads Street driving and race use Fast and heavier cars Metallic Medium Long 1000 miles Low
Redstuff Brake Pads Street driving Heavy cars, trucks and SUVs Ceramic Medium Long Up to 1500 miles Low
Orangestuff Brake Pads Full race for track only Mainly cars Metallic Medium Long 200-300 miles Low
Yellowstuff Brake Pads Street, track and drifting Cars, trucks and SUVs Kevlar Low Good 400-600 miles Medium
Yellowstuff Truck Brake Pads Daily driving, towing Light and heavy duty trucks Kevlar Low Good 400-600 miles Medium
Van LCV Brake Pads Daily driving Vans, parcel vans Semi-Metallic Low Long 400-600 miles Low
Extra Duty Brake Pads Daily driving, towing Light truck, Jeeps and SUVs Non-metallic Zero Long 400-600 miles Low

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