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EBC Mountain Bike Brakes

EBC Bike Brakes

More and more mountain bikes are using disc brakes as their main source of stopping power. Since they were invented, mountain bike brakes were designed to clamp the actual rim and slow it down. Disc brakes have the ability to stop the bicycle quicker and more efficient. EBC brake pads are the number one brake pad for your mountain bike. They are much better than the old style braking systems which used rubber to slow down the rim. EBC brake pads are available in four different styles to accommodate any rider.

Oversized brake disc, MTB Green, MTB Gold and MTB Red are braking components offered for mountain bike brakes. MTB Green brake pads are an all-around brake pad perfect for pleasure riding, cross country or trail riding. These EBC brake pads are made from an organic compound that has good lifetime and increased stopping power. EBC MTB green brake pads are the product to go with when you are in doubt. They will give you confidence when riding in any conditions. The oversized brake discs are for those who need bigger discs to accommodate better stopping power. EBC brake pads will work on original equipment brake discs as well as the oversized brake discs.

MTB gold brake pads are longer lasting than the MTB green brake pads due to their sintered copper material. These are the best value for your money, unless your brake calipers only accept resin pads. If these EBC brake pads are used on resin only rotors, they will score them badly and eventually destroy them. They are also used as original equipment on top bicycle manufacturers. EBC brake pads are made in the USA and are the most affordable brake pads on the market.

If you are looking for more friction in an organic pad, then MTB red brake pads are your best option. They can be used on all mountain bike brakes without any exceptions. The lifetime of these EBC brake pads is much shorter than the others. They also offer low rotor damage and minimal heat transfer into the bicycle's hydraulics. Other brake pads can send heat through the hydraulics which will cause problems. EBC MTB red pads can stop the mountain bike quicker than any other brake pad.

Converting smaller brake discs to bigger ones is popular with mountain bike brakes. Enthusiasts like to add bigger wheels or other equipment in which more stopping power is essential. EBC oversized brake discs are conversion kits that replace the current brake disc. They are larger and offered in two different sizes. EBC brake pads will work even better than original brake pads when using this conversion kit. You can upgrade your stopping power as much as 20% with this EBC conversion kit.

The oversized brake discs also make for a perfect fit. There is no modification needed. Once you receive them, simply swap them with the current ones and hit the trails. They also come with a caliper relocation kit which gets mounted on the outside to provide even better stopping. If you have EBC brake pads installed, the stopping power will be exceptional. Mountain bike brakes keep the rider from hitting those unseen rocks in which damage to the bike will occur.

It does not matter the type of riding one does. Quality mountain bike brakes are a must. They are needed for sharp turns during races and steep hills on the trails. EBC brake pads combined with a good set of brake discs will improve the bike and look great as well. EBC brakes are perfect for competitions in which constant braking is needed. They will last you the entire time without showing signs of brake fade.

Mountain bike brakes are also very light. Older style rubber brakes were heavy and wore out very quick. They also did not do a very good job of slowing down the bike. EBC brake pads will make the bicycle stop on a dime when the rider needs to. EBC brakes have been perfecting their bicycle equipment since 2002 and continue to build upon it. Technology is booming and so is EBC.