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One component that is overlooked is our vehicle's braking system. They must be maintained for optimal driving and stopping power. EBC brakes offer the best brake components in the industry. They have parts ranging from factory replacement all the way up to high performance race vehicles. Car brake rotors, brake pads and brake fluid must all be serviced to ensure no accident occur and the vehicle can stop on a dime. Automotive brakes can wear out and corrode from changing of temperatures.

Brake pads and brake rotors work together to provide the vehicle with proper stopping. EBC brakes have both pads & rotors available that create more stopping power than the factory brakes. When the brake pedal is pressed, fluid is used by the caliper to clamp the rotor. The pad on the inside of the caliper is what clamps the rotor to slow it down and eventually stop the vehicle. All automotive brakes do the same job but each style or material is used for different type of driving. EBC brakes have all types of rotors including slotted, drilled, carbon, and sport. Each one is designed for certain types of driving.

Rotors are an essential part of the automotive brakes. They are offered in both slotted and drilled from EBC. This type of design is useful in dissipating heat which increases stopping power. Slotted rotors have machined slots in them that allow cool air to be passed through which cools down the automotive brakes. This will allow for longer lasting components and will decrease any chances of brake fade. Brake fade will occur when the rotor heats up and does not perform as well. Your automotive brakes would be very happy with either slotted or drilled rotors.

Drilled rotors from EBC perform just like slotted rotors. These are both based on preference. Some like the look of drilled and some like the look of slotted. Each will perform and provide additional stopping power for all automotive brakes. They enhance the appearance as well. The polished rotor stands out against any wheel. EBC brakes are great for both everyday driving and performance enthusiasts who like to take their car to the track on the weekend.

Brake pads are just as important as brake rotors for any vehicle. Automotive brakes use different type of pads for specific types of driving. EBC brakes have over 5 different types of brake pads to accommodate any driver and the vehicle. Daily driving, spirited driving and high performance driving can all use their brake pads for added stopping power. Automotive brakes can use organic, semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic brake pads. These are the most common and have different qualities to them.

Brake pads and rotors

There is no definite answer on what brake pad is the best. Each one will perform different on any vehicle. Engine power, driving style, braking style and driving distance all play a role on how they affect automotive brakes. Reduced brake dust, better stopping power and quicker stopping are all relative when upgrading brake pads to EBC. Their specific brake pads include EBC orangestuff, greenstuff, bluestuff, yellowstuff, and redstuff. Each is for specific vehicles and specific driving styles.

Maintaining your automotive brakes is not just about replacing rotors and brake pads. All fluids must be maintained in order for your vehicle's ability to stop. Brake fluid makes stopping possible. Automotive brakes function when brake fluid travels through a series of lines after the pedal is pressed. Not enough brake fluid and the brakes will not be able to stop the vehicle. The brake master cylinder is where all fluid is stored. EBC brakes perform at their best when the master cylinder is filled to manufacture's specifications and there are no leaks in the brake lines. Leaks in the brake lines will decrease stopping power as well.

Upgrading to the right set of automotive brakes is crucial to keeping performance. High performance brakes intended for the race track will not perform well on the street. They need extreme temperatures to work their best. Automotive brakes are just as important as any other component on the vehicle. EBC brakes are the best option when upgrading to aftermarket components.