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High performance vehicles have extreme needs for their brakes. EBC racing brakes have three types of racing brake pads and a few sets of rotors that will accommodate cars with high amounts of horsepower. EBC racing brakes are specifically for street racing, drag racing or days at the track where the brakes see high temperatures in heavy braking and stop-and-go conditions. Racing brake pads are specially designed compounds that will not fail under these conditions and keep brake fade to a minimum.

There are many factors why you should upgrade to racing brake pads. OEM brake pads cannot handle extreme conditions like high heat and constant heavy braking. They will wear down extremely fast and destroy the rotors as well. Original equipment rotors are meant for driving under normal conditions like commuting and city driving. Racing brake pads should be used if the vehicle is taken to the race track. EBC bluestuff pads are the best choice for race day and will not incur any brake fade. They have a high friction material that grabs the rotor for increased braking power.

Drifting has taken over the sport compact industry. This type of driving puts extreme wear on the brakes & rotors. Racing brake pads are the only choice for this type of racing. The car circles the track numerous times while going back and forth from braking to stepping on the gas. EBC yellowstuff brake pads are the best choice for drifting, but it also has good performance for spirited street driving. These racing brake pads perform much better when they are heated up and really show their performance.

Driving faster than normal conditions will also require a stronger pad. The faster a vehicle goes the more power it takes to slow down and OEM brake pads do not handle this well. They will wear out extremely quickly and the driver will go through several replacements. If the driver needs to brake quickly, the original equipment brake pads may develop brake fade and an accident will occur. Neglecting that you need racing brake pads can be a costly mistake.

EBC racing brakes are not a good choice if you use the vehicle for commuting to work. Racing brake pads only perform at their best when they see high temperatures. Normal braking conditions will mean a heavier foot is needed on the brake pedal. You may only brake a few times on the way to work, and racing brake pads like to see constant braking. The brake pad material binds together better when they are hot, and grabs the rotor much better.

If you are adding performance parts like an exhaust or headers, this will increase the horsepower and put a little more stress on the brakes. The proper and most logical way of counteracting the increased horsepower is to upgrade to racing brake pads. This will give the driver confidence when he or she needs to brake at high speeds and the pads will be able to handle the heavy braking. If racing brake pads are still not enough, EBC brakes have high performance rotors that will ultimately provide what you need.

For maximum performance, combing the racing brake pads with EBC racing rotors is the best option. EBC high carbon brake discs are the number one rotor that keeps the components cool and prevents rotor wear. The racing brake pads will able to perform their best when used with stronger rotors or slotted rotors. This will put less wear on the pad as well to make them last longer. EBC racing brakes is a great way to protect you and your vehicle from accidents. However, racing brake pads can still be used with OEM rotors. They do not need to be used with EBC rotors, but it will make a difference.

Selecting the proper brake pads for your vehicle is just like selecting the right tires. You wouldn't want summer tires in the winter, right? EBC racing brakes are the same concept. They must be used for the appropriate driving conditions or else problems will occur.