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EBC Truck Yellowstuff Brake Pads

EBC Truck Brake Pads

Heavy duty trucks and SUVs need a stronger pad to handle the added weight over smaller vehicles. EBC truck yellowstuff are heavy duty brake pads designed for larger vehicles. Softer brake pads will wear out extremely quickly and not provide the stopping power needed. Yellowstuff truck brake pads do not need warm up and work just as good in the freezing cold of extreme hot temperatures. These truck brake pads can handle the heavy towing loads used as well.

Lifetime of the yellow stuff pads is slightly shorter than OEM, but they provide great stopping power throughout their journey. EBC yellowstuff also gives off the same amount of brake dust as OEM, making them even in this category. Yellowstuff truck brake pads include noise reduction hardware and center line slots to avoid heat cracks. OEM pads can crack under high temperatures and pressure from the weight of trucks and SUVs.

These replacement brake pads are also a good candidate for trucks and SUVs with larger wheels and tires. The OEM brake pads will not be able to handle the added weight. SUV brake pads feature the EBC-brake in surface coating for fast pad seating. EBC truck sport pads will also help out when upgrading to bigger wheels and tires. Truck brake pads will handle added weight in the truck bed like tools and hardware. You will be able to notice an increase in rotor life along with these brake pads. Due to the minimal brake dust, more material will remain on both the pad and rotor.