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EBC Van LCV Brake Pads

EBC Van Brake Pads

Light commercial vans and parcel vans tend to move at slower speeds than the average vehicle. They usually have massive weight in the vehicle, often at the rear, which sits right above the axle and puts extreme stress on the brake pads. On these specific vehicles, the rear brake pads almost always wear out quicker than the fronts. EBC Van LCV brakes have solved the problems that OEM manufacturers could not. The EBC Vanbrake pads are made from stronger and harder carbon components that will extend rotor life and the brakes remain totally silent.

If you have ever seen U.S.P.S trucks, than you know the weight they carry around. The engine sits at the front with the rest of the mail sitting in the middle and the rear. OEM brake pads cannot handle the stop and go nature of the mail truck. EBC Van brake pads balance out the braking power and create an even wear for both front and rear brake pads. Stop and go deliveries put added stress on the brake pads, and overtime they become very expensive after replacing them several times.

The EBC Van LCV brake pads are constantly issued to Post Office and van fleet operations that are looking to decrease maintenance costs. These van brake pads last anywhere from 50% to 200% longer than conventional semi-metallic brake pads. Rotor wear is also decreased which cuts down on repairs as well. Vanbrake DPC series pads reduce brake noise at lower speeds which is very common among parcel vans.

These performance brake pads work by laying down carbon surface onto the rotor itself, in which the pad grabs onto. This is the bedding-in process, and ensures there is optimal contact with no high or low spots. The bed-in process is also very fast and the vehicle can be used at its highest performance without taking it easy on the brake pads. Many European vehicles can reap the benefits from these brake pads, as well as vehicles made here in the United States.

Brake pads & rotors both need to be maintained properly, not just one or the other. For commercial vans and parcel fans, this is extremely important because of the weight they transport. Too weak of a pad and major accidents can occur as well as equipment or materials being tossed all over the interior. A majority of vehicles like cars, trucks and SUVs do not have to worry about the rear brake pads as much as the front, since the front is where most of the braking is handled.