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Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Braking Pads

Just imagine if we couldn't slow down our vehicle for a sudden stop. Major problems would occur and accidents would be very common. Hawk brake pads provide optimum stopping power when needed for any situation. Factory brake pads will only last so long and are not created for longevity. Hawk brake pads combine performance with durability in mind. There is nothing worse than hearing that squealing noise when pressing the vehicle's brake pedal. Hawk brake pads use a combination of metals, fillers and resins to create each specific automotive brake pad.

Factory brake components do not last long at all. The vehicle's brake pads are usually the first thing to go. Hawk brake pads are available for factory replacement. Hawk OES brake pads reduce noise, vibration and harshness. Hawk OES pads improve safety by allowing the vehicle's ABS system to work more effectively. The ceramic material is optimal for reduced brake pad wear and dust. The Hawk OES brake pads are also factory-rotor friendly.

For increased performance over factory brake pads, Hawk PC pads are the answer. Hawk PC pads are fade resistant to improve braking power. Their low-dust and low-noise ceramic composite design make for quality brake pads. Hawk PC brake pads are available for import and domestic, as well as trucks and SUVs. The life of the brake rotor is also increased using the Hawk PC pad since it is a softer surface.

Car brakes may sometimes need even stronger brake pads for high performance driving. Hawk HPS brake pads are created using their ferro-carbon formula. Hawk HPS brake pads provide increased stopping power and work well during both hot and cold temperatures. These automotive brake pads also have a 20% - 40% increase in stopping power over factory brake pads. Qualities of the Hawk HPS brake pads include low-dust, reduced brake fade and noise-free.

Trucks and SUVs tend to use bigger brakes to accommodate for how heavy some of them can be. Hawk brake pads offers their line of LTS pads to provide increased stopping power for such vehicles. Slowing down heavy vehicles will cause the brakes to heat up fast. Heat dissipation is a main component of the Hawk LTS brake pads. These Hawk brake pads are not designed for use on smaller cars. Hawk LTS pads reduce brake dust and brake fade.

Slowing down when having a trailer attached can be difficult with factory brake pads. Hawk brake pads produce their SD pads. Hawk SD brake pads are for supreme heavy duty trucks or SUVs that may tow heavy loads. Heavy duty trucks will develop high temperatures at the brakes from stopping so much weight. Hawk SD brake pads will dissipate the extreme heat while providing increased stopping power to avoid any major accidents.

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Autocross and high performance race vehicles can wear out brake pads extremely quick. Hawk DTC and HP Plus brake pads are created for extreme performance and quality braking. Hawk DTC pads are produce in various compounds for specific types of racing like pavement circle track racing, drag racing, formula racing, and rally racing. Each type of racing needs different type of braking. Hawk brake pads produce over 5 different types of compounds for each type of driving. Hawk HP Plus brake pads are available for autocross and track racing. The frictions of these pads are for extreme racing and greatly reduce brake fade. Due to the extreme compound of these Hawk brake pads, increased rotor wear, noise and brake dust will all be associated when using them.

When upgrading to Hawk brake pads, proper bed-in time should be done. Bedding-in the brake pads is when the pad creates a thin and even layer on the rotor. This will make for even brake pad wear and unrestricted stopping power. Hawk brake pads that are not properly bedded-in will create high and low spots on the rotor. This will make for vibrations when using the car's brakes. Automotive brake pads need proper bedding-in before they can be used for extreme conditions. Anywhere from 400 to 500 miles of driving is recommended. No sudden stops should be done during this period as it will create for low spots on the rotor.

Pre-bedded brake pads can sometimes be had. They are usually sold in kits with both the pad and rotor. Not only are they reduce bed-in time, but they can be extremely expensive. Choosing the right Hawk brake pad is crucial for optimal performance. A brake pad intended for high performance would not work well on a small car that drives around town. The high performance pads use extreme heat to function. High performance Hawk brake pads are sometimes offered pre-burnished. High temperature has been applied to the brake pad from the manufacturer to initiate the first layer of materials. Pre-burnished Hawk brake pads still need proper bed-in time.