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Just like automobiles, motorcycles utilize brake pads, rotors and calipers to slow the vehicle down. Motorcycle brakes not only have to perform, but they must have great looks, too. Depending on the setup, some motorcycles are equipped with both a hand brake and a foot brake, or sometimes one or the other. Motorcycle brakes also differ from automotive brakes in their appearance. Most bikers want them to stand out since they are so visible. EBC brake pads are the number one product at improving braking power and slowing the motorcycle down.

There are many types of motorcycles that are used differently. Custom choppers are mainly for show and some occasional riding, while high performance motorcycles are used on the track for competitive racing. No matter what type of bike, EBC brake pads are the number one choice. EBC brake pads come in 9 different styles that any enthusiast would like. Motorcycle brake pads are housed in the caliper and clamp on the brake disc when the hand or foot brake is applied.

Owners with custom choppers like to run their brake lines inside the frame to keep the bike looking clean. Most motorcycles from the factory are equipped with brake lines that are ran along the frame, which may contribute to a bad look. For this reason, stainless steel braided lines are used to add to the appearance. For someone who isn't too concerned on appearance, hard lines can be used which are less expensive than stainless steel braided lines.

Motorcycle brakes are also smaller than automotive brakes for a number of reasons. They need to be small in order to keep the weight off the motorcycle. The engine and frame are already heavy enough, and weight needs to be shed where it can. EBC brake pads are specific to motorcycles and cannot be interchanged with automotive brakes. Motorcycle brakes come in different sizes and styles in which EBC brake pads accommodate. You will not find a brake caliper that EBC brake pads cannot fit in.

Most motorcycles have more stopping power than needed. They are relatively lightweight and easy to slow down. Motorcycle brakes are equipped with either discs or drums. Drum brakes are used mostly on the rear, while disc rotors are used on the front. Most of the braking is done from the front which is why a more efficient rotor is needed. EBC brake pads reduce any brake fade occurred while slowing down and most of them produce minimal brake dust.

Disc rotors can also dissipate heat better than drum brakes, which is why most motorcycles utilize discs. Motorcycle brakes have begun utilizing ABS brakes, just like automobiles. The brakes will not lock up under extreme conditions when hard braking is necessary. EBC brake pads work extremely well with ABS brakes to maximize stopping power.

Too much grip on the front brake lever and you can flip your bike. It is very important to get a good feel of the brake lever before even hitting the road. The common split for most motorcycles is 70% front braking and 30% rear braking. Rear motorcycle brakes are usually used in emergencies. EBC brake pads will provide the proper friction needed to clamp the brake disc.

Do not wait for your motorcycle brake pads to fail before you check them for wear. If the brake pads are too worn to slow the bike down, you will put yourself in some serious danger. EBC brake pads are affordable braking components that will do a much better job at slowing your bike down. They also have wear bars to let you know when it is time to change them. EBC brake pads are perfect for weekend cruisers or daily drivers that commute to work.

Your motorcycle will benefit from brake discs rather than drums because drums heat up quicker. EBC brakes can handle any kind of temperature, hot or cold. EBC brake pads operate the same in any type of weather conditions. Most motorcycle enthusiasts will not take their bike out in the rain, but if you decide to, EBC brake pads will be right there with you.