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SUV Brake Pads

Brake Pads for SUV

Heavier vehicles need a stronger brake pad to slow it down. SUVs weigh thousands of pounds and your run-of-the-mill car brake pads will not suffice. EBC brake pads have many options for SUV owners that provide both increased stopping power and low dust compared to OEM brake pads. They are also more affordable than OEM.

Most SUVs carry around more than just passengers. Owners like to transport lots of equipment since there is so much storage room. When adding weight, this will put extra stress on the brake pads during braking. The original brake pads will have a hard time slowing the SUV down. EBC brake pads have a harder compound than OEM to provide increase braking power. Loading up the bikes and heading to the trails won't be so nerve racking for the driver.

EBC extra duty brake pads, EBC greenstuff 6000 series, EBC greenstuff 7000 series, EBC Ultimax brake pads and EBC redstuff brake pads are all geared towards heavier vehicles and SUVs. All other EBC brake pads are geared towards smaller cars and high performance racing vehicles. You can speed down the highway and slam on the brakes with any of these aftermarket brake pads. The driver will be surprised at how much friction they provide.

These SUV brake pads are perfect if you do a lot of city driving where there is constant stop and go and sudden stops are needed often. Cities are packed with pedestrians and tourists who make driving a little difficult. Don't let your brake pads fail on you in those tight situations when quick reactions are necessary.