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Truck Brake Pads

Best Truck Brake Pads

Heavy duty trucks are the heaviest pieces of equipment on the road. They also like to tow other things like trailers and campers. Truck brake pads are put to work more than any other. EBC truck brakes are offered in numerous types which appeal to anyone. They are all created with a stronger compound, resulting in a harder pad to reduce any brake fade and maintain a long life. These are the best replacement brake pads for your OEM brake pads.

Struggling to stop a big truck happens more often than not. You have to keep your eyes on the road and start braking farther than you would with a normal sized vehicle. EBC extra duty brake pads are low dust brake pads that improve stopping power for any truck. The driver can stop with confidence when towing his boat or trailer. EBC brakes will increase pad life by 40%-60% over your originals as well.

Trucks are also put through some tough terrain in which they encounter snow, water and other debris. This debris finds its way into the brakes and would destroy cheap brake pads. EBC truck yellowstuff pads will repel against water and maintain a solid surface for the truck to brake. They are also strong enough to protect against cracking from small debris.

All truck brake pads are made from either semi-metallic or ceramic since they are the strongest. Organic brake pads are too soft and would wear out instantly. The EBC brake pads comparison chart will allow you to see what brake pads are best for you.