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EBC GD sport rotors

Automotive brake rotors are just as important as brake pads. The rotors are what the pad grabs onto to slow the vehicle down during braking. EBC brakes have several different types of products that will accommodate any user looking for either performance or factory replacement. Upgrading to products from EBC brakes will allow the vehicle to stop quicker and increase life of the braking components.

EBC premium brake rotors, EBC USR slotted rotors, EBC GD sport rotors, EBC high carbon disc brakes and EBC BSD disc brakes are brake rotors available from EBC. They all have different qualities that range from daily driving to extreme high performance racing. EBC rotors have been providing braking components since the early 1970s. The aftermarket industry is loaded with all sorts of braking products, but not all are made to the standards from EBC rotors. All of EBC rotors are tested under extreme conditions to ensure longevity, durability and performance.

EBC premium brake rotors are factory replacement rotors that look just like stock, but perform at a much better rate. EBC rotors are made from G3000 spec cast iron which can handle extreme temperatures and will not warp. These are a perfect replacement for any vehicle looking to upgrade. Factory brake rotors tend to be very expensive and do not provide any additional features. The performance is felt immediately with EBC rotors. Increased stopping power and overall durability will be added when upgrading to EBC brakes.

EBC USR slotted rotors are brake rotors that have specially designed slots that allow heat to dissipate under extreme conditions. EBC rotors do not heat up like other products due to the placement of the slots. When the rotors heats up, it can warp and decrease the life. The brake pads will also see more wear as they become hot. High performance vehicles that do a lot of stop and go driving on the racetrack are perfect candidates for these EBC rotors.

EBC GD sport rotors are dimpled & slotted rotors that provide even more cooling than the USR slotted rotors. These are usually used on the track or where extreme braking occurs. EBC brakes are vehicle specific and widely available for nearly any car, truck or SUV. The GD sport rotors from EBC brakes combine the dimples with the slots to allow the brake pad to cool quicker. Brake fade is avoided and the vehicle can still use the brakes at top performance.

EBC high carbon disc brakes are rotors that can handle the most extreme temperatures without breaking or cracking. The high carbon rotors are found on some of the fastest cars made today. EBC rotors work even better when used with their specific brake pads like EBC greenstuff or EBC yellowstuff, just to name a couple. EBC brakes test all of their rotors specifically with their brake pads, and recommend pairing them together.

EBC BSD disc brakes are sport rotors with a V-slot design. They are designed to stop faster and run cooler than with fewer distortions than other brake rotors. The high carbon design can handle any temperature while still providing premium stopping power. The V-slot design is the newest from EBC rotors and is unlike any other product. The rotors are also very quiet even under extreme braking conditions. Other cheap slotted rotors can be noisy and loud while braking. This can also be associated with failing rotors or pads. EBC brake rotors have a good warranty to go along with them if the component should incur damage.

EBC rotors

Aftermarket rotors also look great when installed. EBC rotors have a smooth and polished surface that allows them to stand out. Factory brake rotors are not aesthetically pleasing and are just there to slow down the vehicle. The slots and dimples on EBC brakes are great for show cars as well. Stainless steel brake lines can also add to the appearance. EBC brake rotors must be properly bedded-in to ensure a smooth surface.

Everyday vehicles can benefit from a solid set of EBC rotors & EBC brake pads, especially for those who live in the city or put lots of miles on the car from commuting. Stop and go traffic wreaks havoc on the brakes. EBC rotors are more affordable than other companies as well. Affordable auto parts are difficult to stumble upon today and are a must in this economy. OEM auto parts can sometimes cost double of what aftermarket automotive parts cost, and are not nearly as effective. EBC rotors outlast OEM rotors by hundreds of miles.